EMPLOYEE BENEFITS as of August 1, 2013


  1. Each employee receives sick/personal leave with pay.
    1. First Year  = 6 Days
    2. Second Year  = 7 Days
    3. Third Year and more  = 8 Days
    4. If there are unused days at the end of the year, the employee will be compensated for 50% of unused sick/personal leave.


  1. Each employee receives professional leave with pay.
    1. First Year  = 2 Days
    2. Second Year  = 3 Days
    3. Third Year and more = 4 Days
    4. Must be used within the year allocated


3.Each employee receives Temporary Disability Insurance Coverage in accordance with Hawaii law.


4.Each employee who works twenty hours or more:

A.     85% tuition remission is available for their first child and 50% tuition remission for their additional children who attend Montessori School of Maui in the current school year.

B.      Each employee receives medical, dental, vision and drug insurance coverage

                   i.     At no cost or minimal cost for upgraded plans.

                    ii.     May purchase insurance for their spouse or children.

C.     $35,000 Life Insurance Policy

D.     Long Term Disability Insurance


5.All benefits are subject to the policies and procedures detailed in the Staff Handbook





  1. Each employee will receive a set percentage of his or her salary as stated on the Statement of Terms of Employment.
    1. 5% for the third through ninth year of employment
    2. 6% for the tenth through sixteenth year of employment
    3. 7% for the seventeenth and over years of employment


  1. To qualify an employee needs to:
    1. Be over 21 years of age
    2. Have worked two consecutive years at Montessori School of Maui for more than 20 hours a week
    3. Be currently employed for 20 hours or more a week


  1. The allocated benefit dollars must be used in one or a combination of the following choices.  These dollars cannot be taken as income.  Depending on the IRS laws benefits will be pretax or after tax.  The choices are as follows:
    1. Retirement Plan - the company will deposit the funds into a designated retirement account

                          i.     The plan is voluntary

                          ii.     Employee will open and maintain an account with the current designated plan provider 

                          iii.     Funds are subject to all rules of the current plan


    1. Cafeteria Plan - employee may use benefit dollars to pay for various premiums available via a cafeteria plan.  These include:

                               i.     Medical insurance premiums

                               ii.     Life insurance premiums

                               iii.     Other premiums as allowed by law


C.     Tuition - employee may use benefit dollars to pay their child(ren)'s tuition at MOMI



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