Student's Rights
  Student's Responsibilities
The right to be safe
To help, comfort and protect people
The right to work
To cooperate and use good manners
The right to use materials in good condition
To choose work you know how to do
The right to listen in a group
To raise your hand in a group to talk
The right to talk
To use a quiet speaking voice
The right to walk around
To walk slowly and carefully
The right to concentrate
To let people work and play undisturbed
The right to a clean environment
To help clean and maintain the environment


Students at the Montessori School of Maui are at all times to be:
  • Treated with dignity and respect
  • Spoken to and about in a respectful manner
  • Encouraged to learn at their individual pace and rhythm
  • Granted the assurance that all records will remain confidential
  • Given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the curriculum