(Includes the Entire Campus both Indoors and Outdoors)

The central area of the campus is a green belt, which leads directly to the Community Garden. Rock arches support wooden trellises which in turn enclose a rock ‘auwai used to irrigate the vegetable, herb, flower, and taro gardens. Our annual Earth Day celebration has resulted in the planting of koa, avocado, citrus, loquat, hapu fern, bananas, ulu, lychee, mango, papaya, kukui and wiliwili.

The importance of the outdoor environment was addressed in many of Maria Montessori’s writings. The heart of Dr. Montessori’s work embraces a balanced environment both indoors and outdoors. An integrated curriculum allows for lessons in mathematics, botany, art, reading, and practical life skills to be introduced in one setting and continued in the other.


Some of the purposes of the Living Classroom are to:

  • Connect the child with nature

  • Appreciate, respect and learn to care for the environment

  •  Learn about the Hawaiian culture

  • Practical study of botany

  • Provide direct application of knowledge and skills

  •  Allow for the refinement of both large and small muscle activities

  • Allow children to experience the “fruits of their labors”

  • Encourage parent involvement and community building