THE PARENT TEACHER PARTNERSHIP (The Bridge Between Home and School)


Parents are the first, most influential and most important educators of their children. Because parents recognize the benefits of their child’s school experience, they invariably ask the Montessori teacher what steps they should follow at home to be consistent with the school’s philosophy. Providing consistency in the home is of vital importance to the child, for it offers clarity and security. 

Most often, parents’ only experience with education has been the traditional model. As a result, they often have little experience with many principles which are at the core of the Montessori approach to education. In addition, our fast-paced, competitive lifestyle and popular culture exert tremendous pressure on parents to make choices that often conflict with their child’s best interests and healthy development. For these reasons, it is very important that parents stay in close communication with their child’s teacher and avail themselves of the many opportunities to understand the work of MOMI – through observations, parent/teacher meetings, classroom and school-wide parent education programs, and the other information provided by the school. Your child’s teacher and the Head of School are available to answer your questions. Please also refer to the list of Recommended Reading for Parents in Section III. 

Together – the parent, teacher, and Head of School can provide the support that children need to develop their full potential. Parents at the Montessori School of Maui are partners, without whom the school’s work would not be possible.