The dress code policy is mandatory for all students. Student dress and personal grooming are primarily the responsibility of the student and parents.  Students are expected to come to school clean, neat and appropriately attired.  Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from schoolwork will be required to make necessary alterations.  Our intention is to create and foster a safe, orderly academic setting in which students can concentrate on their educational endeavors with minimal distractions.  Parental support is vital to achieving this goal.  Teachers/or designees will determine what attire is unacceptable.  When a student is out of dress code, parents will be contacted to provide a change of clothes before the student may return to class. 

Guidelines for appropriate dress are as follows:

  • Any MOMI school event/logo shirts may be worn. 
  • Any garment or object with obscene, offensive, or intimidating language, drug, tobacco, or firearms or alcoholic beverage advertisements may not be worn.
  • Students may not wear midriff shirts, tank tops with less than a ½ inch strap, halter-tops, or undergarments (such as boxers) as outer garments.  Under garments should not be visible.  This includes spaghetti strapped tops, undershirts as regular shirts and shirts which expose the midriff.
  • Students may not wear garments made of skin tight spandex-like material, see through clothing, torn clothing, clothing with holes in it, cut-offs, pocket chains, or over-sized pants, shorts or shirts.
  • Shorts, skirts or dresses must reach the tips of the fingers above the knee or can be longer.  The opening or slit in a skirt may be no shorter than five inches above the knee.  NOTE:  Clothing length must be nearer the knee than to the hip. 
  • The waistband of shorts, skirts and similar garments shall not be worn below the waist or in such a manner as to expose undergarments or abdomen. All waistbands must be secured and remain at the waist.
  • Belts, suspenders and overall straps shall be worn in place and fastened. 
  • Head covers are not to be worn inside buildings unless a doctor or the school administration grants permission.
  • An appropriate street shoe must be worn such as: tennis shoes, flats, sandals, and slippers/flip-flops.
  • P.E., Playtime and Garden:  Appropriate shoes must be worn.  Students are required to keep a pair of sports shoes at school for PE.

a)    Students without these shoes may not participate in PE and must not run or climbing on play equipment. 

b)    Students playing on the basketball court must wear flat, closed toe, closed back shoes.

c)    Students working in the garden must wear flat, closed toe, closed back shoes.