A healthy, nutritional lunch and snack provide children with the energy necessary to focus and concentrate on their work.  Please consider including food from all of the food groups when packing your child’s lunch and only include a small dessert; or better yet save sweets as treats to be enjoyed at home.  Parents are encouraged to provide a lunch of reasonable size. Please do not confuse quantity with quality.  Send only as much food as your child will eat.  Half a sandwich, half a banana, and a wedge of vegetable may be sufficient for a primary child.


Please pack your child's lunch in a labeled lunch box that can be opened easily. 

Please select simple unadorned lunch boxes for your child's lunch. 

To help broaden our children's awareness of ecology and recycling, please use reusable food containers. Please avoid using prepackaged drinks and lunches that usually come in non-recyclable containers.  A large part of your child's education focuses on caring for the earth.  Please help them to learn to be earth friendly. 



Lunch via the Lunch Program is available for purchase to all Elementary and Middle School students every school day and to Primary students every Friday.  Proceeds from the Lunch Program go to the Upper Elementary and Middle School classrooms to help them pay for their off island field trips. Healthy food for the Lunch Program is supplied from Mana Foods and Life Foods.

To order lunch, log onto ParentsWeb and place your child(ren)’s order.  The order is not finalized until it is paid for via the secure online system. Orders may not be cancelled once they are purchased.


Payment methods and fees:

1.     e-check =  $.85 Convenience Fee

2.     MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or Debit Card = 3.5% Convenience Fee