Our school welcomes parent involvement for driving and chaperoning on field trips and other off-site events.  We appreciate your taking the time to support your child’s school and its activities.  The following are guidelines that we ask our drivers and chaperones to follow:

General Instructions

  • Please bring a cell phone with you on the trip for safety reasons.  In case of illness or emergency, please notify the school immediately. Call: (808)573-0374.
  • Volunteers are acting as role models for our students.  Please lead by example by demonstrating maturity in actions, attitudes, and dress.  The teacher or teacher’s assistant (TA) will be in charge of each field trip and will direct the volunteers as to what is expected of them.
  • Only those parents who have signed up in advance as drivers or chaperones may attend.
  • Only the children enrolled in the class or activity may go.  Under no circumstances may guests or siblings attend a field trip unless the trip is announces as a special family event and other siblings are specifically invited.  Please do not make arrangements for someone else to meet you at the field trip or event site.  The first responsibility of each volunteer is to the students being supervised.
  • Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of those students assigned to them.  In private vehicles, the driver is responsible for the children’s behavior.  In school rented vehicles, the teacher or teacher’s assistant (TA) is responsible, with help from volunteers.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please report the problem immediately to the teacher or the supervising adult.  Do not allow rowdiness, disrespect, inappropriate voices, etc.  Do not allow dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior on the trip.
  • Chaperones should always remain with the students for whom they are responsible.  They should keep their assigned group of students near-by.  They should resist socializing with other adults.
  • Know exactly how many students are in your group.  Keep a roll if necessary.  Be sure all are present before moving from one place to another.
  • Students are to return with the same person and vehicle that transported them.  Exceptions to this can be made only by the teacher or TA.  Exceptions are generally reserved for emergency situations only.
  • Drivers and chaperones should refrain from purchasing special treats for the children they are supervising unless all the children from the class can benefit equally.
  • If you have questions about any aspect of the field trip, expectations of drivers/chaperones, or expectations for student behavior, please ask for assistance from the teacher or TA.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages in prohibited.
  • As representatives of our school, all chaperones and volunteers are expected to follow school policies.

Additional Instructions for Driver Chaperones

  • The teacher is to make all vehicle assignments for students.  You will be provided a list of names of the children being transported in your vehicle.
  • Please arrive at school at least ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes before departure time.
  • Copies of the Emergency Medical Release forms for all students will be with the teacher or a responsible adult.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.  Only one (1) child is permitted per working seatbelt.
  • Children may not be transported in the backs of pickup trucks or other types of trucks.
  • Please be sure that you understand the route to be taken.  A map and/or directions will be provided by the teacher or TA.  Please follow the assigned route to and from the field trip.
  •  It is expected that you will obey all the traffic laws including maintaining acceptable speed limits.
  • When traveling, cars should “caravan” together.
  •  Please call the school right away if you experience car trouble or become lost.
  • If someone has been hurt or is ill, and the teacher is not readily available, please call the school for instructions.
  • Children must enter and leave the vehicle from curbside unless the vehicle is in a protected parking area or driveway.
  • Children must not be left unattended in a vehicle.
  • Students should not eat or drink in your car without your permission.  They have been instructed to use quiet voices when talking and to keep their hands/feet to themselves.  If any student does not cooperate, please inform the teacher.
  • Teachers/Staff are not allowed to drive students on a field trip in the school owned vehicle or in their own vehicle (even if the student is the teacher/staff member’s child).