Parents are invited and encouraged to observe our classrooms in session. The opportunity to quietly observe in the classroom is very valuable in understanding the philosophy your child is experiencing throughout the day and is a vital link between the teacher and the parents. When meeting with a teacher it will help to have observed your child because you have more knowledge of your child’s accomplishments and challenges.   Arrangements can be made a few days in advance by making an appointment through the office.  Observations begin in mid October and continue May.  Parents are expected to observe their child’s classroom at least once a year.  Parents of children transitioning to a new level will only observe one classroom at that level.  Classroom observation schedules rotate and parents will be assigned to the next class available.


Please follow our "Observation Guidelines" which you will receive at the time of your observation.  Listed below are some of our observation guidelines.


  • Report to the office
  • Please enter and leave the classroom you are to observe as quietly as possible. Plan to stay approximately 30 minutes.
  • Sit in the designated chair.
  • Please respect the child’s work and concentration. Do not initiate conversation with the children or attempt to attract their attention. If a child speaks to you, please answer him/her as briefly as possible. Tell the child quietly that you are there to watch the class work.
  • Please do not initiate conversation with a teacher or assistant who is working with the children. Please note any questions you would like to share with the teacher at a later time.  Answering questions about your observations is an essential component of the observation process.
  • Realize that children may react to your presence in the classroom with behaviors that they usually do not exhibit.
  • Parents must arrange for childcare outside of school for siblings during observations. For the children’s safety, no children will be allowed to play on the playground during observations without full supervision.