Teachers at Montessori School of Maui look forward to building a rapport with each parent to benefit the child at home and at school.  Teachers share information through classroom newsletters which are published throughout the school year.


We enjoy informal conversations to share news about your child; however, there are times that an issue requires a parent-teacher meeting.


  • Your child’s academic progress

  • Developmental progress

  • Behavioral and/or social progress

  • Interactions with other students

  • Classroom procedures

  • Classroom activities

  • Circumstances involving the Teacher’s Assistant 


We ask that you schedule the meeting ahead of time and come prepared for the discussion.  Let us know the nature of the concern, so we can be prepared to answer your questions.  We will respond as quickly as possible, and thank you for your patience.  Help us to avoid miscommunication by voicing your concerns to the teacher first.  If issues go beyond the expertise of the teacher, the Head of School is the next step in the chain of communication. A meeting including the teacher will assist you in finding solutions.  The meeting may also help clarify school policies and procedures as they relate to the issue of concern and determine final decisions regarding school operations and implementation of policies and procedures.  


It is never appropriate for a parent to confront or attempt to discipline someone else's child.  We ask parents to bring their concerns to the teacher.