In addition to the Observations and Parent/Teacher Conferences, The Journey of Discovery, Parent Orientation Night, Montessori Parent Education Nights, Parent Transition Meetings and special events further help to build a bridge between home and school. Parent Education occurs in a variety of different formats:
  • Journey and Discovery

This is a favorite of parents at Montessori School of Maui.  At this workshop parents experience the Toddler, Primary, Elementary and Middle School classrooms, enjoying many of the activities performed by the children.  Your participation is strongly encouraged as it provides valuable insights into the materials that your child uses to learn.

  • Parent Meetings (General and Class)

There is a General Parent Meeting at the beginning of the school year as well as additional meetings that are conducted by the classroom teachers. The parent education programs are valuable opportunities to explore philosophical concepts in greater depth, learn more about the workings of your child’s classroom, as well as to meet other parents.

  • Transition Orientation

Parents of children who will be transitioning to another level in the coming year will be invited to attend. The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint you with the developmental needs of the children at the next stage and to assist your understanding of how the prepared classroom is able to meet those needs.

  • Ohana Night

Families get a chance to work with their children first hand, engaging in daily activities and projects that are of interest to their children.

  • Guest Speakers

       Special Guest Speakers are invited to address specific topics of interest to our parents.


Both the Classroom Orientation, which is scheduled at the beginning of school, and Parent Montessori Education Nights, offered during the school year, are presented by staff on specific topics and current issues affecting your child in the classroom. A formal presentation is followed by informal discussion with questions and answers.  This communication creates a consistent approach between school and home. Together, parents and teachers think and talk about children to develop heightened awareness and better response to the children’s needs. It becomes a learning experience for everyone.


It is essential that you participate in these meetings to follow through with your commitment and interest in your child's schooling

Together we can develop consistency in thought and action, but only if you give it top priority.  As staff, we try hard to make these evenings interesting and fun.  Please help us to make them a success through your regular attendance, comments and feedback.  Let us know if you cannot attend a meeting; perhaps we can make changes to provide for your future participation.