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Printable Sign-Up Form

When:  Thursdays- 9 sessions (Studio begins January 10, 2013)
Location:  Root Family Center
Time:  3:00pm to 4:00pm
Cost:  $72.00 (Make checks payable to Izaak Tyrell)
Ages: Lower El through Upper El

Keiki FuzionFit is just like the popular FuzionFit at Upcountry Fitness, minus the rowing machines and the stationary bikes.

The class will start with warm ups that will prepare the body for the 16, 2 minute rounds with 30 second breaks.

Half the rounds will cover agility, plyometrics and cardiovascular training.

The other 8 rounds consist of core balance and strength.

The session will end with learning stretching and relaxation techniques.

To be properly prepared for this workout, children must have:
  •  Active wear (shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops)
  • Athletic shoes (NO slippers or bare feet allowed)
  • Water bottles and sweat towels are also recommended

For more information contact Izaak Tyrell at: functionalbodies@hotmail.com

Please note:

1. Please send a nutritious snack for your child to enjoy.

2. Classes are based on a minimum enrollment of  children to be determined by the instructor

3. Children not picked up at the end of the club session will be sent to the Extended Day Program with an additional charge of $5 an hour, unless the child already is enrolled in Extended Day on a monthly basis.

4. Non-Montessori students may participate in studios with permission from the instructor; special waivers will need to be completed.