If you hear the fire alarm:

  • Immediately evacuate the buildings, per instructions posted on the wall of each classroom and office.  Teachers or assistants will take the attendance sheet and their cell phones if phones are readily available.
  • Students will leave their classrooms in a quick and orderly fashion, (without running) under the supervision of staff members.
  • Staff members have been assigned to “Sweep” all public areas such as bathrooms to make sure all children have exited the buildings safely.
  • Students, if not with their class, should go to the nearest evacuation area. IN NO INSTANCE SHOULD THE CHILD TRY TO RETURN TO CLASS – NOR SHOULD THEY TRY TO GO TO THE REGULAR GATHERING PLACE IF THE OTHER ONE IS CLOSER.  The teachers should notify Alysha on the upper field area and Cheryl in the front of school area of students who are not with their class.  Alysha and Cheryl can then make sure these students are in the other evacuation area and notify their teacher.  If either Alysha or Cheryl is not available teachers should notify a MEMT  member and every effort should be made to verify that the student(s) are safe.
  • Teachers will count their students in the evacuation area and cross check the student count with their attendance sheets. If there is a discrepancy they will immediately contact a member of the MEMT.
  • Further directions will be given by the MOMI Emergency Management Team

     If flames are observed or you see and/or smell heavy smoke

  • Pull closest fire alarm
  • Follow the instructions above