Hurricanes are especially dangerous storms because they combine the TRIPLE THREAT of VIOLENT WINDS, TORRENTIAL RAINS, and abnormally HIGH WAVES AND STORM SURGE and are capable of inflicting a large loss of life and widespread destruction.  When watches and warnings are issued, the Emergency Management Team will closely MONITOR LOCAL MEDIA (RADIO, TV, OR NOAA WEATHER RADIO) FOR OFFICIAL BULLETINS of the storm’s progress and instructions from civil defense authorities.


A hurricane watch means the threat of hurricane conditions exists for designated islands within 36 hours. When a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Watch is issued, if instructed by the MOMI Emergency Management Team, school employees will:

  • Store and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture and other loose lightweight objects such as toys, garden tools and garbage cans  
  • Prepare to cover all window and door openings with boards, shutters or other shielding materials

A Hurricane Warning means hurricane conditions are expected to occur within 24 hours. WHEN A HURRICANE WARNING IS ISSUED THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF MAUI WILL CANCEL SCHOOL FOR THE DURATION OF THE WARNING.

Parents should NOT bring their children to school until further notice is given by school officials or by Civil Defense.


  • Keep the students in the classrooms
  • Turn on the radio if issued one and keep your cell phones handy
  • The MOMI  Emergency Management Team (MEMT) will keep you apprised of the situation
  • All instructions issued by civil defense, will be followed
  • If directed by the MEMT, complete preparation activities such as boarding up windows and storing loose objects
  • Turn up refrigerator to maximum cold and don’t open unless necessary
  • Use phone only for emergencies
  • Every effort will be made to get parents to pick up their children immediately


  • Stay away from windows and doors, even if they are covered
  • Close all interior doors and brace exterior doors if possible
  • Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, hallway or basement if available
  • Lie on the floor under a table, or another sturdy object. Some protection is afforded by covering with a mattress during the height of the storm
  • If the eye of the storm passes over, it will be calm for a short period of time. REMAIN INDOORS! As soon as the eye passes over, winds will increase rapidly to hurricane force from the opposite direction.
  • Remain calm as it may take several hours for the storm to pass