Student dress and personal grooming are primarily the responsibility of the student and parents.  Students are expected to come to school clean, neat, and appropriately attired.  Students are encouraged to make wardrobe choices in the context of spending their day in an educational setting.  Our intention is to create and foster a safe and orderly academic venue in which students can concentrate on their educational endeavors with minimal distractions.  Parental support is a vital component in achieving this goal.  If it is determined that the student is outside the parameters of the dress code - by the student's parent or teacher - the student will need to be provided with a change of clothes before returning to class.

Guidelines, as agreed upon by the Student Dress Code Committee (November 2013), are as follows:
  • Students are to dress appropriately for an educational setting.  All students need to take the responsibility for dressing in a manner that is appropriate for their body type to ensure that the chest, midriff and seat area, both anterior and posterior (bottom, butt, tush, gluteus maximus), are fully covered.
    • No visible undergarments
    • Discrete necklines
    • Waistbands of pants/shorts/skirts are not to fall below the hip
    • Shorts length at mid-palm or longer
    • Skirt length at fingertip or longer
    • Leggings and yoga pants must be of a thick enough fabric to not be seen through
    • No obscene, offensive/intimidating language, drug, tobacco, firearms or alcoholic beverage advertisements displayed on any clothing
  • Any (unaltered) MOMI school event/logo shirts may be worn
  • Hats are encouraged for outdoor wear and sun protection.  It is the discretion of teachers to determine if the hat may be worn inside the classroom.
  • Shoes are encouraged in an effort to protect the feet.
    • Heel height of no more than 2 inches
  • P.E., Playtime and Garden:  Appropriate shoes must be worn.  Students are required to keep a pair of sports shoes at school for P.E.
  1. Students without these shoes may not participate in P.E. and must not run or climb on play equipment.
  2. Students playing on the basketball court must wear flat, closed toe, closed back shoes.
  3. Students working in the garden must wear flat, closed toe, closed back shoes.