Rental Pricing for Root Family Center (RFC)

Hourly Rates by Count
    Up to 25 People
  4 hrs or less
  8 hrs or less
  26 to 50 People
  4 hrs or less
 8 hrs or less
  51 to 100 People
 4 hrs or less
 8 hrs or less

*Sundays: $50.00 fee will be added to all rental prices

Full Day/Event
    Up to 411 People
  6am to 11pm
    Set-Up (Evening Before)
  6pm to 10pm
  Break-Down (Morning After)
 8am to 12pm
 6am to 11pm

Rentals come with the use of 275 folding metal chairs and fourteen 6 foot rectangle tables. 

5 foot round tables are available to rent at the cost of $5/table (total of 23 tables available)

All rentals require proof Liability Insurance provided by the renter. 
We recommend TheEventHelper.com.

A deposit of 25% of rental fee (separate from rental fee) is required to hold a rental date.

Please see Rental Requirements/Terms of Rentals for more information about deposit, liability insurance, etc.

Contact Dheya Kealoha at (808)572-8790 or dheyak@momi.org to book a rental or to receive more information.