Montessori School of Maui Rental Requirements/Terms of Rentals

The Montessori of Maui, Inc stands behind the principle that there shall be no discrimination against any person in admission, employment, or otherwise because of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sex, or age.  MOMI reserves the right to inquire about the nature of User’s group and decide whether or not the intent of the User fulfills the school’s discrimination policy. 


Right of Control: MOMI reserves the right to inspect and control or terminate all events being held on its premises and to take such steps as it may believe necessary to protect its property from damage as a result of the event or if MOMI's representative, in his or her sole discretion, determines that there is or will be a breach or violation of the provisions of this agreement.


Set-up and clean up:  Set-up and clean up times are to be included within the rental hours agreed upon between MOMI and User and listed within the contract.  User will be charged $25 per ½ hour for exceeding such set times.  Unless otherwise agreed to, User shall be responsible for cleaning up after the event so that the premises and surrounding area are left in the same condition as existed at the time of the facility was provided to User.  All trash shall be deposited in waste containers designated by MOMI and clean up shall commence immediately upon the end of the event unless other arrangements are made. Recycling receptacles are to be used.


Reimbursement for Damages to Facility or Property:  The User shall be responsible for all damages, injuries, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which may be suffered or incurred by MOMI to the extent that any such damage resulted from the negligence or other fault of or was otherwise caused by the action or inaction of User or its contractors, employees, guests, invitees, or agents. If MOMI shall suffer any damages it shall give User prompt notice of the facts giving rise to such damages and its claim for indemnification.  User agrees to reimburse MOMI upon demand for any and all damages to the facility or adjacent property caused by User, its representatives, guests and invitees.


Deposit: A deposit in the amount noted below is collected to secure your event date. If User cancels the event, the full deposit is non-refundable.  In coordination with the above paragraphs on Set-up and clean up and Reimbursement for Damages to Facility or Property:  This deposit will be held until after the event to help offset any minor cleaning required or damages incurred by the user or their guests.  The deposit or the remaining portion of the deposit will be returned to the user within seven days after the event.


Charges:  All charges and costs imposed on User by MOMI for use of facilities are to be paid before the date(s) outlined below.


Force Majeure:  If MOMI is unable to provide facilities for the event due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to fire, windstorm, abnormally inclement weather, power failure, labor trouble, civil disturbance, act of God or any other conditions or circumstances beyond either party’s control render premises or facility unusable for the event, then MOMI, only liability hereunder shall be to return to User charges paid by User for the event under this agreement.  Upon the return of such funds, MOMI shall be released from any and all further and other liability or obligation under this agreement.  MOMI shall give User as much notice of such condition or circumstances as shall be practical under the circumstances.


Amendment and Assignment:  This agreement may be amended or modified only by written agreement signed by both parties.  User may not assign its rights hereunder without prior written consent of MOMI, which may be withheld in MOMI's sole and absolute discretion.


Third Parties:  The User shall not permit the use or occupancy of the facility during the period of this agreement by any person or entity other than the User, its employees, agents, guests and invitees.

“As is” Condition:  User accepts the premises that it will be using for the event and any other services or equipment in their “as is” condition.


Security:  User is responsible for such security or other services, as it may deem necessary in conjunction with holding the event.  User further shall provide such chaperoning or other oversight of the event as may be reasonable under the circumstances, if applicable.


Smoking:  MOMI is a smoke free campus.  There is absolutely no smoking anywhere on the premises.


Campus pet policy:  Pets are not allowed at on campus unless preapproved by MOMI.  This policy does not apply to registered service animals.


Concessions: USER will pay MOMI 5% of Gross Concession Sales- not applicable to CD sales by performer(s). User will also use only biodegradable containers and utensils for food service. All beverages must be in recyclable containers.  Book and Publication Sales are Exempt from this charge for this event.



Montessori of Maui, Inc. on advice of legal counsel and insurance consultant, requires that any outside organization using School premises furnish evidence of adequate insurance coverage and, in addition, arrange to produce a certificate naming Montessori of Maui, Inc. as "additional named assured" under liability insurance carried by such organization. 


A copy of the certificate should be forwarded to the address below, Attention: Business Manager.  Should a change occur affecting coverage, we require that the renter provide thirty day (30) Notice of Cancellation on the certificate.


The School requires the outside organization to carry liability insurance in the following minimum amounts:


Bodily Injury                        $100,000 each person                                        Property Damage           $1,000,000 each occurrence

                                                $1,000,000 each occurrence


IF liquor is to be consumed or served the renter is to provide separate LIQUOR LIABILITY coverage in the amount of no less than $1,000,000.